Belugabee Hamster Bamboo Sticker Set Alt Text: A delightful collection of five 3x3-inch stickers featuring adorable hamster designs. From hamsters with acorns to boba cups, each crafted on eco-friendly bamboo for a charming touch to any surface. 🐹🌿 #HamsterStickerSet #CuteBambooStickers #AdorableHamsters

Hamster Bamboo Sticker Set of 5

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This set comes with 5 bamboo stickers shown in the photo! These stickers made of bamboo can be used on hydro flasks, journals, and even bags/totebags! The adhesive is very strong so make sure you stick this sticker onto a place where you'd want it for a long time! This is why it can even go onto bags!

-100% Sustainable Bamboo Sticker
-Size: Approximately 3x3 inches
-Fade and Weather resistant
-3M Water resistant adhesive
*Due to the nature of the product, colors and appearance may vary